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Family addition

I have 2 brand new baby kittens. I’m such a sucker.  I am the last person who needs to take on any extra responsibility.  But I couldn’t say no.  I really love animals and was fearful that they would wind up getting euthanized if I didn’t adopt them soon.  But I’ve adopted  2 older cats before and found them to be surprisingly low maintenance.  These two new kittens are a different story.

When I went to go pick them up, I was shocked at how young they were. Three weeks!! The owner of the mama cat was afraid that these kittens (who were born under a house) would turn wild and be impossible to catch.  So, he grabbed them while he could.  Too soon for them to be away from their mom.  They still have to be bottle fed. Oy (first time I used that word!!)

So here I am, mama of 2 boys (one with special needs), 4 cats, and a dog. Sure these baby kittens are cute, but man are they loud!  And pigs! I named the black one Dexter after my favorite Showtime serial killer (Don’t worry, he only kills really bad people).  The other kitten’s name is Yoshi after my favorite Mario Kart character :).


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Too much tinsel

I haven’t put up our real Christmas tree yet.  I did, however set up an artificial one that my mom bought for us last year.  The boys were anxious to decorate.  It didn’t take long for me to put the tree together and it was nice that the fake tree came with the lights pre strung. After plugging the tree into the wall, I let the boys have at it.  They hung plastic shiny balls on the tree.  It was beautiful………and then they found it…….tinsel. 

The 2 packages of tinsel that I stuffed away in the cubboard last year had been discovered. Why didn’t I just toss that out when I had the chance?  The boys were extremely excited about the 2 bags, especially Matthew since he is so partial to shiny things.  As bad as I wanted to shout, “no tinsel!”, I couldn’t because I promised they could decorate that tree however they wanted. 

They were so proud when they finished.  They love the tree.  I like it too, even though it looks like it threw up.

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House of nappers

Yesterday was a very crazy day.  Play. Decorate. Meltdown. Play some more. Watch a movie. Rake some leaves.  Meltdown some more.  Finally, we topped it off with a trip into town to watch the Startlight Christmas parade.  All in all, the day ended on a good note.

I haven’t been able to shake this cold nor the headache that comes with it.  I blame that on these constant 4am sometimes 3am wake-up calls I’ve been getting these last few  months. I’ve been trying to chip away at catching up on my sleep whenever I can.  John took Alec to run errands this morning and I was able to get Matt to fall asleep.  Finally! My time has come.  I lie down. Nothing.  I am so tired yet I cannot fall asleep.  It’s not one of things where I have a billion things running through my mind causing me to stay awake.  Of course I have many reasons to have anxieties but I am much too tired to even think about them at this point. But I still can’t fall asleep. It’s like my body has become adapted to staying awake even when I am beyond exhaustion.  After about 30 minutes of just lying there, I gave up.  Fine! I won’t sleep then!  At least I can enjoy the few moments of peace and quiet while Matthew naps.  So as soon as I  get up, Alec and John come walking in the door. So  much for peace and quiet.

John immediately walked over to the couch, kicked off his shoes, layed down, and was asleep in seconds.   Why can’t I fall asleep fast like that?  Oh well, at least it’s still peaceful. Right now Alec is playing quietly with his toys while the other two nap.  I will enjoy this moment for I know, it may end soon. 

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Why I hate going to the store…..Reason #2

Because its Black Friday…..need I say more?   Too many people. Too much noise.  Too little parking.  Maybe I have a little autism in me as well.

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Remember to count your blessings.

This is something that God is repeatedly telling me on a daily basis.  So many times I find myself thinking. “This just isn’t fair!”  For example, when I get a last-minute phone call to go take the kids to the park and meet up with friends.  Easy thing to do, right? Especially since we live right across the street from the park.  But it’s not easy.  First of all, we only take Matthew to the park when there are very few other kids there.  Or better yet, no kids!  The noise and chaos of many other kids sets Matt off in a tailspin and the end result is me packing my 60lb screaming child and carrying him back home.   If it’s just Alec, then no problem.  But it usually is never just Alec.  So often the answer to the invite is, “No I’m sorry, we can’t make it”.  I hang up the phone and think sadly, ‘This just isn’t fair!’

Another thing I find myself griping about is the beach.  John’s Grandmother owns this beach house right off of Cannon Beach and all members of his side of the family get to stay there whenever they want to get away. For free.  What a gift!  The last time we went there for a weekend with the kids was a disaster. We ended up leaving the very next day.  But before leaving the beach house I read through the beach house journal.  It’s a cute journal that family members write in to document their time at the beach house and the fun things that they did. The rule is that you write about your adventures before you leave. I read through all the other entries from other family members.  They looked like they had so much fun.

I tried to think of what to write.  What fun things did we do?  Hmmmm.  Well, we ate some pizza. That was good.  Matt  knocked over the recliner chair in a rage……not so good. We went to the Seaside local swimming pool….for 10 minutes.  That was kind of good. Matt called the female life guard a boy…..not good. Really, the whole trip was a blurr. Most of the time I stayed in the beach house with Matt while John took Alec to do fun things. Even though John insisted that I take Alec and he stay with Matt, I just told them to go on ahead because I knew Matt would be way worse for John than he was for me.  This just isn’t fair!!

But during these pity-party moments of mine, God’s voice is louder saying, “Count your blessings. How have I blessed you? ”

I go over in my head of the many things I have to be thankful for.  Does it make the pain go away?  No….not right away.   But it does keep me from becoming bitter.  It especially helps me to be thankful. And instead of whining about how unfair it is that we don’t get to enjoy the beach as much other people do, I’m thanking God that we have a beach to go to.  That we have a working car to get us there. That He provides us with the finances so that we can pay for the $10/gallon fuel to get us to the beach.   (Ok, I am exaggerating about the fuel cost but not by much!)

So for Thanksgiving, these are the things that I am thankful for…but there is so much more than what is on this list


I am Thankful for

A God who loves and forgives me even when I don’t deserve it. He sacrificed His son for me. For all fo us.

John. My husband. My best friend.



My mom and Dad

My Brother (don’t tell him)

My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins

My in-laws and all their children

My friends, new and old.

Teachers…all teachers. ESPECIALLY my kids Teachers. They are my family

My church

My legs

My health

My dog and cats

Doctors. Many don’t get the credit they deserve.

My neighbors. Who don’t bat an eye at the craziness they see that comes from our home 🙂

Full Sail Amber ale (I’m only human!)

I am thankful for whoever is taking the time to read this. May God bless  you.

Alec and Me. One of our happier moments at the beach

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My Matthew alarm clock went off at 3:59am this morning.  This kid doesn’t miss a step when it comes to waking up before 4am.

As soon as I was convinced that he was wide awake for the morning, I stumbled into the living room and logged on to the Disneys Pixar’s Cars website.  Matt happily sat in front of the computer and I rolled onto the couch to get a few more moments of sleep.  I figure I  had about 15-20 minutes. 

So exactly 15 minutes later, I am awakened by a very loud shreik.  This is a familiar sound in our home so there really was no cause for alarm.  “What’s up, Matthew?”  I asked him.  Another loud shriek came from the dining room along with some cupboard banging.  I walk over and see what has triggered these “delightful” sounds.  “I HATE FOLDER!!!”  he screamed as he tried to tear his plastic homework folder in two.  It’s his favorite folder and it’s very important to him.  But when Matthew is  in a moment, such as this one, he wants to destroy things most important to him.  After destroying items he cares so much about,  he has immediate regret which then triggers another meltdown.  A way more intense meltdown. 

So there he was with his folder in his hands.  The  folder with so many special stickers that he earned from teachers. Stickers that he looked at every day with pride……..about to massacre it.  I quickly walked up and grabbed it out of his hands.   “This is not ok.” I said as I placed the folder up on the top of the book shelf. He then ran over and grabbed his backpack and before I could catch him, he chucked it out the back door into the yard and slammed the door. 

This is when I try to defuse the situation before he starts kicking and hitting. This moment is kind of a  grey area moment because all he was doing was stomping and screaming.  I grabbed the soft blanket that I usually wrap him up in when I am rocking him or doing deep pressure with him.  When he saw I was trying to de escalate the situation, he became even angrier and began kicking the cupboards, then me.  So once he does that, then all bets are off and I am forced to restrain him.  Not fun to do. Especially at 4:30 in the morning. 

After several minutes I ask,  “Matthew, are you ready to be safe?”  Once he gives me a calm “yes” then I let go of one arm.  If he swings it at me, pinches me, or pokes me, then I know he  is not ready and I have to hold him again.  But this time when he said “yes”, I knew he meant it since he did not try to hit me after I let go of his arm.   More than often, this is not the case.  More than often, he will say “yes”, I let go of his arm, and then WACK, I get nailed. My reflexes have improved and I can now catch his hand before getting hit. 

After restraining him, he stood up and I took him to the couch, wrapped him in his blanket and rocked him.  Success.  Now he is in the bathtub as part of his regular routine.  His backpack still outside. Oh well, I’ll have him get it later.  Maybe as soon as he gets out of the bath before he dries off since it’s freezing out there.  That’ll teach him 😉  Ok, I probably wont do that, but interesting idea, hu? I still can’t figure out what set him off in the first place.  That’s what I get for sleeping while he is awake.  Good morning all!!

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Why must the kids get Wednesday, the day before  Thanksgiving off too?  That wasn’t how it was when I was in school.  Back then we went Mon-Wednesday and got Thursday and Friday off.   How long til they start having the schools close for the whole week of Thanksgiving?  Oops, I better not give the school board any ideas.

  Mind you, this is not a rant about the importance of our kids going to school Wednesday to get a good education, be productive, and learn….yada yada yada. This is about me and my sanity!!   If I had Matthew 20 years ago then I would only have 1 day of  insanity instead of 2. That one day  would the Friday after Thanksgiving. Matt always does pretty well on Thanksgiving Day :).   But times have changed and it’s 2 days of insanity during Thanksgiving week.

Please keep in mind that my kids have the best teachers in the world and nobody deserves the extra day off like they do.  So sure I have only myself to blame because I procrastinated on making a plan for tomorrow. .But I find that blaming myself is not as fun as blaming the school board.  Therefore, I will plan to attend a school board meeting in the future to ask that they add Wednesday back into the school calendar so that I can have one less day of chaos.  Sounds selfish, I know but hey,  it’s worth a shot 😉  I will bring the following visual:

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