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  1. An overwhelming smell of Vera Wang’s Princess perfume fills the air once you open the door and it about knocks you over.
  2. You find an empty can of shave gel even though it was just purchased  the day before.
  3. You find the bathtub filled with shave gel.
  4. You look up and see the word “poop” spelled in eyeliner on the bathroom mirror.
  5. Pee stains around the toilet seat. (also indication that John or Alec has been in my bathroom)
  6. Bubbles in the sink
  7. Bubbles in the toilet
  8. Empty bottle of hand soap.
  9. What the heck is THAT?!?!
  10. You begin brushing your teeth only to realise your toothbrush tastes like shampoo.

Yes, all these events have occured…..not all at once though thank goodness haha!



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