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Welcome to payback!

It seems as though mommies aren’t allowed to get sick.  At least that’s according to our children.  Well sometimes mommies do gets sick.  When I am sick and tired, I will make a little bed on the couch to rest.  For some reason, Matthew thinks that mommy lying on the couch with a blanket and a pillow is an invite to climb all over me as if I were a jungle gym.  He plays hide-and-seek in the blankets. He plays with my hair.  He pulls the blanket over my head.  He pulls the blanket off of my feet, which I hate!!  This is hardly speeding up my recovery.  All the while I am moaning “John…..please make Matt leave me alone. I don’t feel good.”  Then John, who’s in the other room on the computer hollers, “Matt, leave mommy alone, she’s sick.”  Nothing.  When you are ill, you don’t have energy to lecture your child, let alone a 36-year-old man.  I roll my eyes and pray for karma.

Today, that day has arrived.


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