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Family addition

I have 2 brand new baby kittens. I’m such a sucker.  I am the last person who needs to take on any extra responsibility.  But I couldn’t say no.  I really love animals and was fearful that they would wind up getting euthanized if I didn’t adopt them soon.  But I’ve adopted  2 older cats before and found them to be surprisingly low maintenance.  These two new kittens are a different story.

When I went to go pick them up, I was shocked at how young they were. Three weeks!! The owner of the mama cat was afraid that these kittens (who were born under a house) would turn wild and be impossible to catch.  So, he grabbed them while he could.  Too soon for them to be away from their mom.  They still have to be bottle fed. Oy (first time I used that word!!)

So here I am, mama of 2 boys (one with special needs), 4 cats, and a dog. Sure these baby kittens are cute, but man are they loud!  And pigs! I named the black one Dexter after my favorite Showtime serial killer (Don’t worry, he only kills really bad people).  The other kitten’s name is Yoshi after my favorite Mario Kart character :).


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