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House of nappers

Yesterday was a very crazy day.  Play. Decorate. Meltdown. Play some more. Watch a movie. Rake some leaves.  Meltdown some more.  Finally, we topped it off with a trip into town to watch the Startlight Christmas parade.  All in all, the day ended on a good note.

I haven’t been able to shake this cold nor the headache that comes with it.  I blame that on these constant 4am sometimes 3am wake-up calls I’ve been getting these last few  months. I’ve been trying to chip away at catching up on my sleep whenever I can.  John took Alec to run errands this morning and I was able to get Matt to fall asleep.  Finally! My time has come.  I lie down. Nothing.  I am so tired yet I cannot fall asleep.  It’s not one of things where I have a billion things running through my mind causing me to stay awake.  Of course I have many reasons to have anxieties but I am much too tired to even think about them at this point. But I still can’t fall asleep. It’s like my body has become adapted to staying awake even when I am beyond exhaustion.  After about 30 minutes of just lying there, I gave up.  Fine! I won’t sleep then!  At least I can enjoy the few moments of peace and quiet while Matthew naps.  So as soon as I  get up, Alec and John come walking in the door. So  much for peace and quiet.

John immediately walked over to the couch, kicked off his shoes, layed down, and was asleep in seconds.   Why can’t I fall asleep fast like that?  Oh well, at least it’s still peaceful. Right now Alec is playing quietly with his toys while the other two nap.  I will enjoy this moment for I know, it may end soon. 


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