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Weekends are always our most difficult times with Matthew.  One minute he can be the sweetest boy and then the next….BOOM!  In our house, there are a lot of “BOOM” moments.  John and I spend most of our weekends tag-teaming.  It’s hard and anything but ideal.

 For the past several years we have come to dread the weekends. No matter how much planning was involved or how rigid of a routine we created, the weekends have always been incredibly difficult. So every Sunday night, I say a special prayer thanking God for getting us through yet another weekend. Good or bad, I thank God.  I will admit that I don’t give God as gracious of a thank-you on a bad weekend.  A time  or two, I’ve given God a sarcastic, “Thanks a lot!”  But I know He has a sense of humor.  I also know that God can handle me being angry with Him.  He knows deep down, I really am appreciative.

So now it’s Sunday evening and the weekend is over.  Matthew has thrown a grand total of 5 major tantrums.  When I mean major, I don’t mean throwing himself on the floor kicking and screaming and flopping around. If that were all Matthew did when he’s upset, my life would be a breeze.  Many kids with autism don’t have  a great amount of impulse control.  Matt is one of those kids. I don’t count the minor and moderate meltdowns that he has. Those meltdowns dont’ take nearly as much out of me as the major ones do. 

So the weekend is over. I am tired. I also make a mental note that the 5 major meltdowns are a huge decrease from the regular 10-12 he has per weekend. So does that mean it’s a good weekend?  I think so.  It helped that Matt was kept busy. It helped that Alec was kept busy.  Like usual, Matthew is spending Sunday night with his Grandma tonight. This is so I can catch up on sleep and have quality time with Alec. So why am I sitting here typing?  See ya! I’m off to play Mario Kart with my son 🙂


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