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I have such creative children.  A few days ago, Alec (9yrs old) surprised me with his wonderful Christmas story that he wrote https://greatvillage.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/i-must-be-doing-something-right/. And today, Matthew invented a simple sleigh using a bath towel! These ideas do not come from me.  The best part of their projects is the fact that they think of them all on their own. 

Matthew also came up with the idea to use snowflake stickers as festive tape to attach the reins to the towel.  Just a little note that these snowflake stickers are actually postage stamps that I carelessly left within his reach.  I wasn’t about to take them away though.  The sleigh he made is priceless.  Notice behind him in the picture are stacked gift boxes. These, of course are Santa’s toys that he will deliver.  Also his idea. 

The only idea I suggested to him was to put pants on since he was wearing only underwear while he built the sleigh. I told him, “Santa doesn’t deliver presents in his Spongebob underwear so neither should you.” 

Merry Christmas!


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