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Yesterday my 9-year-old son Alec asked me if he could write a Christmas story on the computer.  I was a little apprehensive about the idea because I know how this kid’s mind thinks.  But how could I say no to my son who wants to express his creativity through writing?!  So, I said, “Ok, but there are two rules to follow:  1.  Do not email the story.  2.  Be appropriate.”

I was sure after rule number 2, he would change his mind.  But he was still excited so I went downstairs and let him do his thing.  After about 25 minutes, he came downstairs and handed me a sheet of paper with his story on it.  I was certain the title would be something like “Santa’s Elves Declare War and Take Over the World”, or “All girls belong on Santa’s naughty list”. 

To my surprise, his story was nothing like that.  So here, I give you Alec’s Christmas story:

The Christmas carol   by Alec

 Ones a pond a time there were two brothers name alec and matthew  they were rich people. Alec and Matthew always fighting and they were selfish and rude. There were pour (poor) people. One day Alec and Matthew were visetid by two goest. One goest was name papa phil and the other goest was grandma Linda they both told Alec and Matthew what will happen if they didn’t straiten up. Then they woke up then they remember what the goest told them. They disided (decided) to go to church. After church they wrap up presents for the pour (poor). They walk up to a tent that some people were living in. They saw Alec and Matthew . Then they open the tent. Alec and Matthew gave the presents to the people they were very happy.  The End                                                                                                                            


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