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Well, that was a long break.  I skipped the entire month of May.  That wasn’t intentional though.  I wish I had some type of exciting excuse such as being assigned to perform espionage or perhaps participating in an ultra marathon to stamp out world hunger.  But no.   I just got caught up in other things and blogging dropped to the bottom of my priority list. 

As for an update…….well I’ll give it to you in a nutshell. I’m a big fan of breaking things down to make them simpler. If you are curious as to how I feel about these certain updates, please note that I will have a visual following each one.  So here we go:

  • Alec is doing great in school and starting to enjoy reading long books  😀
  • Matt has had several great weeks at school in a row and continues to improve verbally  😀
  • Alec talked me into letting the stylist color his hair blonde 😕
  • John won several tennis matches in his tournaments 😀
  • My mom turns 60 this week 😆
  • I bought a new stun gun to go running with 😈
  • Our underground irrigation pipe broke 😡
  • This week is the last week of school for the kids (there is no emoticon available that appropriately describes the way I feel about this!)
  • Matt had a rough weekend this past weekend 😦
  • Matt has had much better days since 😀
  • I have been interrupted 3 times since writing all of this 👿
  • I appreciate all of you who read my blogs! 😀 

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Why must the kids get Wednesday, the day before  Thanksgiving off too?  That wasn’t how it was when I was in school.  Back then we went Mon-Wednesday and got Thursday and Friday off.   How long til they start having the schools close for the whole week of Thanksgiving?  Oops, I better not give the school board any ideas.

  Mind you, this is not a rant about the importance of our kids going to school Wednesday to get a good education, be productive, and learn….yada yada yada. This is about me and my sanity!!   If I had Matthew 20 years ago then I would only have 1 day of  insanity instead of 2. That one day  would the Friday after Thanksgiving. Matt always does pretty well on Thanksgiving Day :).   But times have changed and it’s 2 days of insanity during Thanksgiving week.

Please keep in mind that my kids have the best teachers in the world and nobody deserves the extra day off like they do.  So sure I have only myself to blame because I procrastinated on making a plan for tomorrow. .But I find that blaming myself is not as fun as blaming the school board.  Therefore, I will plan to attend a school board meeting in the future to ask that they add Wednesday back into the school calendar so that I can have one less day of chaos.  Sounds selfish, I know but hey,  it’s worth a shot 😉  I will bring the following visual:

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